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Create Folder / directory with no name


You can display a folder without a name using this trick. But there’s one caveat. You need a Numeric keyboard pad on your computer. If some of you don’t know, on the right side, Numeric keypad or NumPad is the keyboard section, which usually contains 17 keys, i.e. 0 to 9,+,-,*,/,., Enter and Num Lock keys.

To create blank folder names in Windows

  1. Choose any folder or file or create a new folder

  2. Right click on it, select ‘Rename’ or simply press ‘F2’

  3. Press and hold the ‘Alt’ key. While holding the Alt key, type numbers ‘0160’ from the numpad

    Note: Type the numbers ‘0160’ from the numpad, that is, the numbers present on the right side of the keyboard

  4. Press Enter and the nameless file or folder will be created

    Reason: The file or folder that seems nameless is named with a single space

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