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How to remove ‘ Location History ‘ from Google Tracking Data automatically?

This is for both Android and IOS devices


In May 2019, Google guaranteed that it could permit you auto-delete the net activity and location background it gathers through your Google accounts. The business is keeping its phrase by releasing new equipment to create a time-limit meant for the expiration of your individual data.

Users may delete their location background now, both upon Google Android and iOS. You are able to select from auto-deleting data after 3 months or 1.5 years. Enabling this feature shall wipe out the comprehensive trail of details that you left online.

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Please be aware that the same efficiency for app and internet activity data hasn’t got here yet. Google has stated that auto-delete equipment for the similar will arrive sometime in the “coming weeks. ” Nevertheless, it really is reassuring that we have significantly more control more than our data now.

How exactly to delete your Google location data?

You can follow these techniques to have your computer data removed automatically at regular times:

  • On Android, open up your Google accounts in the Configurations app.
  • Head to to ‘Data & Personalization’
  • Touch on ‘ Internet & App Activity’
  • Select ‘Choose to delete automatically’
  • Following, tap on ‘Choose just how long to keep’
  • Right here, you can either go for 1 . 5 years or 3 months

Choosing possibly of both will established a corresponding timer designed for auto-deletion of your computer data.

The choice to permit Google to keep carefully the data until you delete it manually can be right now there. Further, you can decide to pause other options like Google’s application and web activity tracking.

This data helps Google show all of us relevant ads, and allows it to provide better search results and suggestions in applications like Google browser and Maps.

Nevertheless , if you’d prefer your privacy a lot more than personalization of your serp’s, you should now start this feature.

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