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Password Types in 2019 Explained in detail


There are 3 Types of Passwords available So far, based on their storage, encryption technique used, features offered, etc. Lets see the full details and uses in this article

1.Strings of Characters

Passwords are stings of characters, numbers and symbols at the most fundamental level.

Access to a keyboard or keypad enables such kinds of password to be entered.

These passwords range from the simplest to the more complex combinations of characters, numbers and symbols that are suggested to protect extremely private data, such as the three digit codes used on some garage door openers.

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2.Strings of Characters plus a token:

A string of characters, numbers and symbols plus a token of some sort is required for the next stage in passwords.

The ATM, which needs a card-the token-plus a personal identification number or PIN, is an instance of this.


This is regarded safer because you are denied access if either item is missing.

3.Biometric Passwords

The biometric password is the third level in passwords.

This is the use of biological characteristics that are not reproducible, such as fingerprints or facial characteristics to enable access.

An instance of this is the retinal scan, where the retina is photographed, which is the inner surface of the back of the eye. The retina includes a distinctive pattern of readily seen blood vessels, which is compared to a reference pattern.

Biometric passwords are the most advanced and regarded ‘ safer, ‘ but in fact a password that you ‘ carry ‘ in your finger or eye is no safer than a strong password that you carry in your head, provided that the password software is configured properly.

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