GTA IV is Unavailable for Steam Without Reason

GTA 4 is now Unavailable and no longer available for purchase from Steam Without any Reason


GTA IV, which is still popular since is no longer available for purchase in the Steam store for no reason. However, the game’s Episodes from Liberty City DLC can be purchased.

A Serbian teen named Nico Bellic, who we moved to Liberty City to live the American dream GTA IV, has been one of the popular games of the series since its release. Today, the game is played by many players with its unique GTA atmosphere and unique experience.

But for some reason, GTA IV, cannot be purchased from Steam as of today. The game has its own dedicated page on Steam, but there are no options to purchase to add the GTA IV to your library. Also GTA IV Complete Edition cannot be purchased at the same time.

GTA IV is no longer available for Steam, but its DLC is available for purchase in Online

No statement has yet been made by Rockstar Games, the producer of the Grand Theft Auto series. So there is currently no answer on why GTA IV cannot be purchased from Steam . Strangely enough, the GTA IV DLC Episodes from Liberty City is still available for purchase.