Pakistan’s declarations on ‘ lies and deceit ‘ in Kashmir, says India


India struck Pakistan on Thursday for its unjustified statements on Jammu and Kashmir, saying that they were nothing but “lies and deceit.” New Delhi said Kashmir is an inner affair and the statements made by Pakistan were “extremely irresponsible.”


  • Raveesh Kumar, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Pakistan used terrorism as a state strategy against India and must prevent the export of terror
  • “We strongly condemn Pakistani leadership’s extremely irresponsible statements on India’s internal affairs,” he said.

“We heavily condemn Pakistani leadership’s latest statements on India’s internal affairs. These are statements that are very irresponsible,” MEA spokeswoman Raveesh Kumar said.

In response to an alert from intelligence agencies that a group of armed males, potentially Pakistan-trained commandos, are feared to have entered the Kutch region of Gujarat, India said that Pakistan must begin to behave as a ordinary neighbor. “For them (Pakistan) it’s essential to begin behaving like a ordinary neighbor now. What are ordinary neighbors doing? You’re not pushing terrorists into a neighboring nation. You’re talking normally, ordinary business. That’s not something that’s happening in Pakistan, “said Kumar.

Imran Khan and his ministers targeted India continuously following the government’s decision to nullify Article 370 ending Jammu and Kashmir’s unique status. “Pakistan’s provocative statements include calling for jihad in India and inciting violence,” said Raveesh Kumar of MEA.

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On the letter from Pakistan to the United Nations alleging violations of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir, the Ministry of External Affairs said “the letter is not even worth the paper it was written on. By reacting, don’t want to give it credence. ‘

New Delhi’s remarks come in the midst of increasing tensions between the two neighbors and on a day Pakistan tested its surface to surface Ghaznavi missile. Pakistan’s timing of missile launch is seen as part of an attempt to internationalize the problem of Kashmir at both military and diplomatic levels. It also increases the specter of the two countries ‘ atomic conflict.


Pakistan also threatened to shut down India’s airspace. But in the Imran Khan government, there seem to be distinct voices about the problem. Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry tweeted on Tuesday that the state is considering India’s full closure of airspace, but foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that no such choice has yet been made.

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