Everything you want to know about Motorola Verve 200 True Buds



The Verve Loop 200 offers those on a budget with a traditional Bluetooth in-ear wireless earbuds wear style. Designed for all day comfort and safe fit, with clear, high-quality sound and up to six hours of playtime.


  • Splashproof
  • Secure fit
  • Siri, Google now, and Alexa compatible
  • Integrated mic for calls


This product Review by Readwrite Team

I opened my brand new Motorola Verve 200 Earbuds this morning and combined them excitingly with my phone ready for a day of music listening and working phone calls. The pairing process couldn’t have been simpler and they were prepared to go within seconds.

I followed the directions that came with the headphones and ensured that they were fully charged before I took them out for a complete spin. They were prepared to go after about an hour of loading. I listened to Spotify for the first time and was happy with the sound being as evident as I anticipated. They fit in my ears was so ideal that I felt I could flip without fear of falling out.

I left home to continue working in a coffee shop confident that I could use my fresh earbuds to make a video call without being “that man” with a noisy call in a public place. I combined the earbuds with my laptop and it was prepared to go in seconds just like with my phone.

The problem began when I was in my video call for about 15 minutes. First cut out one of the earbuds and I could hear only in one ear. Then the ear-hearing switched from just being able to hear in the right ear to just hearing through the left — and that didn’t work. That alternative was workable because I was still able to work with just one earbud.

But then the catastrophe struck, and both came to a halt. I attempted to link, reconnect and restart the buds to no avail. These new earbuds are now firmly associated with the image of me staring at the moving mouths I couldn’t hear.


However, after one bad experience I didn’t give up, I coupled the earbuds back to my phone and attempted to proceed the conference in the old fashioned way. Unfortunately, this meeting and these earbuds were not meant to be because the rest of that meeting was spent with me being asked to repeat myself because my microphone couldn’t hear me obviously.

I could hardly hear anything at the conference at the same time — even with the volume jacked up all the way up. Learned lesson — these aren’t the earbuds I want to depend on beyond casual play for anything.

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