The Phyn Smart water Assistant can detect use and leakage anywhere in the house


For many intelligent homeowners, the ultimate frontier is water management. With a few smart light bulbs, a dimmer or two, and a motion sensor, things begin innocently enough. You automated the window coverings before you knew it, installed a video doorbell, a security system, and purchased an embedded intelligent assistant to regulate it all into whole-home audio. With the visible house conquered, all that remains is smart meters to assess your enhanced power consumption and, of course, water, one of our most valuable resources.

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That’s where the new Phyn Smart Water Assistant comes in, a water meter that this Belkin firm says can help homeowners conserve water, prevent difficulty, and save cash in the process.

Here is the video released on Phyn, Explains All:

Phyn works by attaching the Smart Water Assistant, based on Wi-Fi, to the hot and cold water lines under your sink where it measures “microscopic changes in high definition water pressure,” defined by the company as 240 samples per second. Over time, it claims to know each fixture’s distinctive “voice” in the home.

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant of $299 does almost everything the Phyn Plus system of $850 does without a plumber needing skilled installation. If a problem is detected, the one thing it can’t do is automatically shut off the water. Instead, if it detects a leak or a prospective freezing situation anywhere in your home, it will send alerts to your mobile, while at the same time offering thorough insight into your consumption patterns for each item used, the firm argues.

There are pipe bursts, toilet flapper leaks, and leaks in supply line hoses to clothes and dishwasher that can be identified in the water delivery system. The business claims the meter is intelligent enough through a “Plumbing Check” function to detect “pinhole” and “small drip leaks.” Phyn will also warn you if, for instance, your bathwater runs longer than usual to avoid a scenario of overflow.

Such a meter can assist preserve water while also preventing expensive repairs arising from water damage or tubes being burst. Anyway, if you need assistance justifying the price tag, that’s the pitch.


The Phyn Smart Water Assistant $299 is working with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and IFTTT, and will be accessible for purchase in the U.S. late September.

You can get in the official Belkin Store

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