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Apple will be launching its 2019 iPhone lineup, including iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R, in September. In this article, you will discover the iPhone 11 and 11 pro release date, the Leaked Pics and the price range.

iPhone 11 Pro

With all the leaks that have spread over the previous year on the internet, it seems that nothing can be left to leak. The first details of Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max started to trickle out about 12 months ago when TF International Securities ‘ top Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo detailed next-gen iPhones that would sport enormous camera upgrades and a fresh frosted glass design on the back. As time went on, we learned more and more about the next generation of Apple’s iPhone lineup until the inevitable occurred

iPhone 11 Design Stolen:

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro designs from Apple have been robbed from the Foxconn plant where they will be produced. It occurs every year, leading to a slew of renders that give us a very good idea of what the fresh iPhones of Apple are going to look like.

This was the case this year, although in several main regions most of the renders and physical mockups we’ve seen are incorrect. There was one picture that went a little closer to displaying us what the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max will look like, but we might have something even better now. A enormous leak may just have disclosed an iPhone 11 model’s first ever picture in the wild.

Now, before we go any further and you get too enthusiastic about this future leak, it’s essential to remember that it’s a false opportunity. The phone pictured in the picture published to Weibo on Wednesday morning is indeed a true smartphone, but as compared to a true iPhone 11 model, there is a powerful chance that it will be a Chinese knockoff. After all, when their designs leak, Chinese companies often produce fake iPhones. These devices often run forked Android versions that were skinned to look just like iOS. However, they are not yet real iPhones, and this may be the case here.

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Color-matched back news on Apple’s next-generation iPhone models has obviously not been confirmed at this stage by Apple, so it’s still just a rumor that might be incorrect. In addition, in a case, the alleged iPhone 11 pictured in the leaked picture. It may actually be the black-backed Space Gray model, but the case makes it look bluish. If that were the situation, then the region between the fresh back camera’s lenses would actually be black.


Here’s the leaked picture posted to Weibo:

If you haven’t noticed, Here is the Zoomed image:

Is it really an 11 iPhone or 11 Pro iPhone? Is it just a knockoff from China? It’s hard to tell because the quality of the photo isn’t good. In the zoomed-in variant, the camera looks quite strange, almost as if in the top-left corner there is only one lens with an LED flash under it. However, this could only lead from distortion, as the quality of the picture is quite poor.

iPhone 11 series Release Date

At a special event next Tuesday, September 10th, Apple will unveil its new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. According to MacRumours The phones are expected to be made accessible for pre-order on Friday and a release is probably planned for Friday, September 20.

Price Range

We understand the next iPhones from Apple are going to be expensive, but we don’t know how much they’re going to get. If anything like the iPhone lineup in 2018, pricing is likely to start around £ 999 and £ 1.099 for the successors of XS and XS Max, and £ 799 for the lesser-spected LCD model.

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