iOS 13 will be released next week but it has a Security flaw

iOS 13 exploit bypasses the contact lockscreen


Apple plans to release iOS 13 next week, but already a lockscreen bypass has been discovered by one security researcher.

Lockscreen Flaw

The exploit enables you to bypass the lockscreen and access all iPhone contact information. Jose Rodriguez discovered the exploit and revealed to The Verge that he reported it to Apple on July 17, but it still works iniOS 13’s Gold Master (GM) release on September 19.

Here is the Video Shows the Security Flaw:

Last year, Rodriguez found a lockscreen exploit for iOS 12.1, and a comparable method is used by this recent iOS 13 bypass. It includes enabling a FaceTime call and then accessing Siri’s voiceover function to allow access to the contact list. Then from the contact list you can get email addresses, phone numbers, address data, and more.

iOS 13.1

Rodriguez claims the exploit seems to be fixed in iOS 13.1 beta copies, which Apple plans to release on September 30.

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Report From TheVerge

The Verge has tested and confirmed that the bypass procedure works on the iOS 13 GM running on an iPhone X. You’re not able to access photos, though. Naturally, this requires physical access to an iPhone, and some time to initiate a FaceTime call and enable voiceover.

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