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Samsung beats Apple in Download Speed test : Research

In 35% of Countries, Latest Data Shows

According to an OpenSignal research, when stacked against iPhones and Huawei phones, Samsung phones have elevated LTE speeds.

Between April and June 2019, OpenSignal, an autonomous worldwide standard, evaluated more than 23 million phones from 72 nations. One of the study’s primary findings is that Samsung consumers in nearly 40 nations experienced the highest download speeds.

Here is the Analyzed report by OpenSignal : Click Here to view

Samsung consumers in the US alone encountered 8.2 Mbps quicker download speeds than iPhone users. When the download speeds in India were analyzed by OpenSignal, it found that Samsung consumers experienced 0.6 Mbps quicker than Huawei second-placed.

While the amount is negligible, it puts download speeds for iPhones in India in 3rd place.

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However, OpenSignal points out in the research that due to the weak smartphone market in that particular nation, slower download speeds could be feasible.

The research took as an instance the achievement of Apple in Brazil, Taiwan, and Costa Rica, where consumers usually identify more with high-priced smartphones.

Obviously, as the research indicates, there are other mainstream variables affecting download speeds. These include the capacity to connect to more frequency bands, the ability to connect simultaneously to various radio bands, the use of various antennas, and the modem brand.

While dividing smartphone consumers into top-tier, mid-tierand low-tier customers based on the capacities of the network, the research observed that the top-tier Samsung devices have the greatest download speeds.

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“Compared to 25.1 Mbps for Apple consumers and only 24.4 Mbps for Huawei users, their (Samsung) consumers appreciate 26.6 Mbps worldwide,” the scientists write.

Mid-tier Apple consumers have a slight benefit over Huawei and Samsung. The research states, however, that almost all Apple phones are priced likewise to high-end designs from Samsung and Huawei.


With the rollout of 5G connectivity, speeds are anticipated to increase dramatically in the future, so let’s maintain our fingers crossed for that.

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