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Snapchat could soon allow users add music to their posts

Snapchat's largest competitor Instagram already enables consumers to add music to their content


As per a report by The Wall Street Journal the company is looking to secure legal rights from major record labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. Although there is nothing official as of yet announced, the report states that Snapchat is ramping up efforts to introduce this feature.

Snapchat’s biggest rival Instagram already allows users to add music to their content and so does ByteDance’s TikTok.

In more recent news surrounding Snapchat, as per a report by Motherboard, Snap employees in the past have abused internal tools in order to extract information like emails of users, location data, and other types of sensitive information.

Two former employees speaking to the publication revealed that several years ago, employees at the company had access to user data using a tool named SnapLion. Emails found by the publication also revealed an employee using the tool to look-up a user’s email address.

SnapLion, as told by the employees, was accessible by the company’s ‘Spam and Abuse team, Customer Ops team, and security staff.’ A former employee even went to the length of describing the tool as “the keys to the kingdom.”


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