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The reason for the failure of Windows Phone, Ex-Engineer from Nokia Explains

Windows Phone (WP) is commonly believed to be one of Microsoft’s greatest mistakes. It’s so large that the business places the last nails in the coffin of WP now. Globally, tech specialists have provided different theories about how WP ended up that way.

It’s commonly said that the lack of app support for the platform was one of the key reasons — an area where Android and iOS excelled. But a Reddit user /u/jollycode, who says he has worked as a Software Development Engineer for Nokia, has put out some more points in a post (via MSPowerUser).

He gave me a nostalgic impression as he stated the Ovi store, though he said it was a mess to keep up. Ovi was an ambitious Nokia plan for its Symbian devices, which ended up suffering a poor destiny as well.

Interestingly, he disclosed one beneficial thing about Windows Phone: “Coding for WP was always better than Android for all the negatives on the consumer side.” Anyway, he said that among the many points individuals regarded, these four factors might have contributed to the failure of WP.

Underestimating Google

Obviously Apple was red hot and Microsoft knew that, but Google was new to the OS business and they really weren’t taken seriously enough. Android was pretty rough then, but the real value was Google’s services; when Google cut Microsoft off of YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc, it really made WP look cheap.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently said that his biggest mistake was not paying attention to Android.


Reputation of Microsoft

“At the time it was still horrible and it meant that the young guys who grew up hating Microsoft were making the big startups for other platforms.”

I can’t say anything about it because I was just too young to have hated Microsoft personally. Maybe because the business has monopolized the technology industry in its history. The scenario seems slightly different right now.

Windows fans

I think this is something everyone would agree with. On the iPhone launch day, we saw the lengthy lines outside Apple shops. Not to mention the lame jokes of the kidney that have been around for centuries.

It’s the same for Android. People who have tasted Google’s OS’s openness and customization find it very difficult to get into the walled garden of Apple.

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