Xiaomi phone with in-display camera is coming soon

Xiaomi patent surfaces showing the company is working on an in-display camera


Smartphone makers are constantly on the look-out to maximise the screen and reduce the bezels to as little as possible. To get an incredibly high screen-to-body ration companies have to come out with different techniques to house the front facing camera such as notches, pop-out sliders, punch-hole displays, sometimes adding a second screen at the back and more recently a rotating camera. Now Xiaomi has just revealed that it is working on an even more innovative method to keep house the selfie snapper.

A Xiaomi patent surfacing on the internet shows that the company is planning to introduce an in-display camera. A rough translation of this patent states that there is a secondary display under the main display which is in front of a camera and light sensor.

This works in a way such that the camera can become visible at required times or invisible when not in use. That is basically a gist of what the patent is trying to say and obviously, there is a lot more in the technology that needs to be understood.

Even Samsung is working on a technology that will put the selfie camera under the display, thereby giving a completely notch-free experience while preserving an IP rating for water-proofing.

The information has been revealed by Samsung Mobile’s vice president of the display R&D group, Yang Byung-Duk and has now been confirmed by Korean media.

If implemented correctly notches and pop-out sliders could very well become a fad that went away quickly.

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